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Products: Linux: rk512_server.

Usage of the rk*_servers in USA prohibited. For more, see below


Get your free licence here:

DOWNLOAD Demoversion

Why licence if software for free ? Don't worry, we will not spam you with advertisement.

We only want to know, is the server is still in use. If there are no more implementations, we can stop the maintenace, if still in use, maintenance will proceed .

Your email address will be deleted immediately.We only get the message that a licence has been requested.
If yout want to contact us, please use the mail address in the page "Contact".

Version 64-Bit rkx_demo_V5.1.5_20230319_154 X86-64-Bit
Raspberry PI
Raspbian, Ubuntu etc.
rkx_demo_V5.1.5_20230319 Raspberry PI
Content rk*_server including documentation and samples.
INFO: About rk*_server
run time limitation: Each server process without a licence works for 4 hours each time you start it; this should be sufficient for evaluation.

Please observe recent bug notification in section News

32-Bit-Versions: Actual 32 bit versions of the servers only will be provided on request.
Actually, they is no more demand by clients.
On Requirement feel free to contact us.

rk512_server Info:

S5/S7 to Linux connection using a communication unit (CP).
Uses standard protocol RK512 based on block transfer procedure 3964R.

Connects to S7 or S5 plc.

All CPUs can be accessed.

On the Simatic side a device is needed which knows about RK512. Connection to S7 and S5 is possible, for both families there are communication units (CP) with RK512. As an alternative S5-CPUs with a second serial interface are available; few of them already speak RK512, others have implemented 3964R only. For some of the latter we offer an interpreter (available drivers see Runtime software for Simatic S5). For all S7-300 and S7-400 CPUs, the ACCON MPI adaptor provides access via RK512.


The package rk512_server consists of a server process and a client-library written in ANSI-C, which you can use to develop applications with access to S5/S7 data blocks. Up to 64 client processes can connect to the server at the same time. The server process coordinates the concurrent accesses of the clients and is responsible for the data transmission to the S5/S7 using RK512.

With the appropriate hardware of the Linux computer (serial devices) you can supervise several S5/S7 plcs at the same time.  

The usage of the rk*_servers in USA is prohibited. Explaination

We have thought for a long time if we can do this prohibition, because it could be understood as a discrimination, but there are diverse reasons for that.
One of them: Also in the past, we have always refused to sell to USA and Canada because of the unpredicable risks coming from the product liability laws of these countries.
At the end, President Trump also made this decision:
His statement, to put sanctions on each country which buys oil from Iran, has decided also for us.
The assumption to be allowed to decide what ever happens on this planet is widely accepted in all parts of the US society.
We, in opposite, stand on the right to decide for the political orientation of the politics of our country for ourselfs. ( see: democracy )
The only selection of a government which obeys to supervisory authorities is not acceptable.

We know that our prohibition only can be a sign and the effect of our decition is near to nothing, else we would hope:

This is not only an action for our security against unwarrantable claims, it also would be an action for the “national security“ of the USA and of course of all other countries.

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